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Customer Service Tips for Creating Loyal Customers

by Caug124

August 2nd, 2012

Sixty-eight percent of customers leave because of what they perceive as indifference from the merchant or someone within the merchant’s organization. They feel unappreciated, unimportant, and taken-for-granted. (Source: Research by Dan S. Kennedy)

Today’s customer is more educated, is better prepared, and has more alternatives than ever before. Given the complexity of the marketplace, it is not enough to merely satisfy your customers. You must turn them into fans who will not only remain loyal to your product or service, but who will spread the good word about your company. You need to exceed expectations, show customers you care, and provide exceptional customer service. You need every good word you can get in this turbulent market! Dale Carnegie’s customer service tips can help.

Challenges to achieving high levels of customer focus and loyalty generally fall under one or more of the following areas:

P Process: How your company or organization operates on a daily basis. This includes how your company communicates and aligns the features and value of the product or service with your customers’ expectations.
R Roles: Who does what in your company or organization? Your employees must agree on tasks and responsibilities and hold employees accountable to those priorities.
I Interpersonal Issues: How your customer service personnel get along with each other and with other departments. This includes their attitude, teamwork, and loyalty.
D Direction: How your company defines and communicates its overall and departmental vision and mission.
E External Pressures: In addition to market conditions, other sources of pressure include the availability of resources such as time and money. You may or may not be in control of the availability of these resources.

Key customer service tips are: BE SURE!

B Broad product knowledge through insights into what your product or service can and cannot do.
E Extreme desire to help. Show your goodwill, passion, and eagerness to please.
S Sincere interest in your customer’s situation. Don’t assume the customer is simply being unreasonable when they may have a very good reason to be upset.
U Understand customer expectations, which may be extremely demanding in these challenging times.
R Respect for the customer’s point of view.
E Empowered with authority to provide answers, solutions, and any other help.

For more business tips, please visit Dale Carnegie’s Tips & Advice section or explore Dale Carnegie’s customer service training.

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