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Dale Carnegie Training Historical Timeline 1912-1955

by Caug124

October 29th, 2010

1912 Dale Carnegie founds his company and teaches his 90-minute public speaking course at the YMCA in New York City. The Dale Carnagey Course (Carnegie changed the spelling of his name in the 1920s) becomes the foundation of Carnegie’s future work.

1912-1920 Dale Carnegie formalizes The Carnagey Course in Effective Speaking andexpands with additional instructors.

1920 Dale Carnegie writes his four-volume Public Speaking.

1920-30 Carnegie offers his course in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Boston. Women begin to enroll in the Dale Carnegie Course.

1926 Dale Carnegie’s textbook, Public Speaking: A Practical Course for Businessmen, spurs the development of the company classroom.

1936 Publication of How to Win Friends and Influence People becomes the prototype for future self-help publications.  Selling millions of copies to this day.

1930-40 The Dale Carnegie Course title is changed to The Dale Carnegie Leadership Course and expands to the Midwest, with classes in Detroit and Cleveland. To expand and promote his course, Carnegie recruits sponsors licensed to promote training in different sections of the country.

1939 Dale Carnegie Introduces a Sales Course

1940-50 The Dale Carnegie Institute of Effective Speaking and Human Relations offers courses Switzerland.  Dale Carnegie marries Dorothy Vanderpool.

1944 The Dorothy Carnegie Course is developed for career women.

1954 The company is incorporated, becoming Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc. Sponsorship extends to Australia.

1955 Dale Carnegie passes away

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  1. Sharon Gadbois /

    In which book did Dale Carnegie say, “Listen first. Sell second.”?

    Thanks much appreciated. ;o)