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Importance of Effective Communication With Your Customers

by Caug124

April 7th, 2010

Effective communication is a term often thrown around a workplace, but it is a concept often ignored and put aside as not being worth training in. The truth is that the most important part of customer care is effective communication and all the things that go with that. This is a skill that is extremely important to train your employees in as it can often mean the difference between an okay customer care experience, and a great experience which can be a selling point for them when they are telling their friends what kind of company you have.

If you want to think of a good example of bad communication, remember the last time you and your significant other were arguing, and they claim you said something you can’t remember even thinking. This isn’t because you said it, but rather because the information that is transmitted when we talk, is usually less about the words we actually say, and what the other person thinks that they mean. This does not mean that you need to use more and more technical jargon to clarify every sentence your customer care professionals utter, but rather means that they need to learn effective communication skills that will help them be better understood when talking with someone who they have only met a couple of seconds ago. Part of this will be learning how to listen to the customer and better understand what they mean rather than what they say.

Chances are that customer care professionals are not the only ones dealing with the customers or potential customers. Sales people should also be trained in communication skills. In this case the communication that needs to occur is finding out what the customer needs, and then selling to them the best things in your product in such a way that the customer feels the need to buy it, without feeling like they are being sold something they don’t want. This can be a hard thing to do for many sales people, especially as communication is not often something that is addressed when training to become a salesperson. If done right, learning how to communicate will increase sales as long as the buyer base is there.

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