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Top Leadership Skills

by Caug124

April 5th, 2010

There are a few things every leader needs, whether you are the head of the neighborhood watch, or if you are looking at moving up the corporate ladder, you will need to first develop leadership skills if you don’t already have them.

The first thing you will need to learn is adaptability. This is often not people’s strong point and the best way to look at this skill is to consider how well you change with the flow and make new plans to problem solve through the hard challenges that come with a change of direction. If you need some help with this, make an effort to concentrate on making plans for a number of possible outcomes on something you are about to try for the first time.

People skills are the most important of the leadership skills, development of it seems like something everyone would go through, but that is not necessarily the case. Many people have a hard time dealing with those around them, and those that don’t may not have all the people skills necessary to be an effective leader. Eisenhower was right when he said (and I paraphrase) that leadership is getting others to do what you want because they think it is what they want. With the best people skills people will want to do their best because they are doing something for themselves.

Decisiveness is important in leadership and can be the downfall of many up and coming leaders. There is no leadership if you are not making important decisions. Unfortunately most important decisions are also the hard decisions, and that is why they are left up to leadership. No one else wants to try to make them. Be willing to take bold action in whatever way you think will be best for the company. This doesn’t have to mean putting anyone at risk, and it most certainly doesn’t mean that no one will think you made the wrong decision, that is the price you pay for being the leader.

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  1. Anshumali Saxena /

    I think one of the most critical leadership trait is the ability to connect with people at the soul and the psychological level and by doing good deeds and compassionate team management, inspired leaders create an reservoir of goodwill-fuel which drives companies and countries on an accelerated path to success across the most difficult of situations…in both good and bad times…and more importantly keeps all glued-together for a good cause too! I say this for the experience of founding member of School of Inspired Leadership where leadership is about creating a movement of good-goodwill and purposeful competence!