The Power of Personal Engagement

by Michael Crom

May 29th, 2013

Have you ever met someone that had a magnetism about them that just drew you in? They are so engaged in everything around them that they attract everyone they meet to follow their lead. These leaders exude a powerful energy about them that is contagious.

Dan Mitrovich, co-owner of Solution Strategies International, is one of these people. He lights up a room by his very presence. If you spend any time with Dan, you quickly realize that he is very interested in you and what you have to say. He rapidly develops a special rapport with everyone whom he meets. I’ve experienced this first hand and can attest to the power behind that feeling.

How do people like Dan do this? And more importantly, how can I do the same thing? How do I become someone that literally attracts success?

These are some ways that I have found help me to engage more fully with other people.

• Make a commitment to yourself to care more about the people you come in contact with on a daily basis whether it is in person or through a digital connection. This should include your colleagues at work, your customers, the vendors you work with, and even your family. Make a conscious effort to become genuinely interested in others.

• Challenge yourself to be a more effective listener by asking more questions to better understand each person that you interact with. Search for common interests that you may share with others. This could be hobbies, sports teams that you follow, or community groups that interest you. A great way to find out more about someone is by looking at their online profiles and finding out what they are passionate about. Once you have found common interests that you share with someone, it is much easier to take your relationship to a deeper level.

• Use higher level questions to get to the core of the other person’s hopes and dreams. Long-term relationships can be built by helping someone take a step to achieving these hopes and dreams. Look for ways that you can add value to everyone around you.

• Learn to live in each moment and to appreciate that there are opportunities all around us. When you narrowly focus your attention on a single individual that you are talking with, that person will feel much more important and valuable. Consistently focusing your attention on individuals and speaking positively will make you seem and actually become an enthusiastic person.

These ideas can be even more important when you are not able to be physically present with someone else, and may be communicating via the phone or online. It takes more of a conscious effort to reach out on a personal level through these other mediums but it can be just as meaningful a connection.

I believe that virtually everyone can develop this skill set, and become even more successful, by practicing this simple idea: get enthusiastic about other people.

Michael Crom is the Chief Learning Officer for Dale Carnegie & Associates, and is the co-author of The Leader In You and The Sales Advantage

Stop managing and start leading. Learn how to inspire by focusing on leadership skills development. It all starts with you.

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