Special Series for Graduating Seniors: Job Interviewing Tips

by robertr

April 15th, 2008


The typical reason you are asked about your salary requirements in an interview is to get a baseline figure of what you expect to be paid. This helps the organization narrow down the field of applicants to those candidates whose salary range is in their budget.

Don’t give them an answer that will rule you out! Answering the question with a dollar figure is dangerous. If you give them a figure that is too high, there’s a good chance the interview process will end here. If you answer too low, one of two things could happen: 1) they will question your value or 2) they will think they are getting a great deal and this is what you will be offered.

Try one of these approaches:

“My salary is negotiable. I’m excited about the opportunity to work for XYZ Company and know that as I prove my value, I will be paid fairly.”

“I am very interested in this opportunity and trust that the job pays the market competitive rate for the position.”

The good news is this: Whether your educational background and degree is in demand, or whether you are hoping for a job offer, if you are offered a job that will make you jump out of bed in the morning, it will seem less like a job and more like a hobby. If you love your job, you will excel at it and be paid well.

For more tips on job interviewing skills, check out our new blog section: Generation.Next! New tips will be added throughout April. Do post and share your feedback!

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