Special Series for Graduating Seniors: Job Interviewing Tips

by robertr

April 8th, 2008


Maybe you’ve breezed through college and have been able to “wing it” better than most, but when it comes to job interviews, if you don’t spend time doing your homework,it could cost you the offer.

If you want to make a favorable impression, take time to research the organization, the industry in which it belongs, and even competitors. Doing a simple “google” search on the organization, or looking at their corporate website to learn more about the staff, can provide you with valuable information and give you a ton of leverage.

Here are seven ways homework can help you in your job interview:

• You can discover the vision and mission of the company, the company culture, and even the language they use.
• You can read recent articles, press releases, and even financial reports to gain an in depth snapshot of the organization.
• You can learn what is important to the organization and prepare answers to certain questions they are likely to ask.
• You can read about the departments, the board of directors, and key members of the senior management team that you may be meeting with.
• You can look for things you might have in common with those interviewing you, in order to establish rapport and connect with your interviewer quickly and naturally.
• You can impress your interviewer by demonstrating knowledge of their competitors and the challenges the industry is facing.
• You can find out the types of salaries and benefits typical jobs in this field offer and increase your negotiating power when an offer is made.

And remember – This homework thing works both ways. Be aware that the organization has probably done their homework on you. In addition to reading your resume, they have probably “googled” you and maybe even looked at your credit score. These things are easily obtained and are a reflection of your values, ethics, and character.

For more tips on job interviewing skills, check out our new blog section: Generation.Next! New tips will be added throughout April. Do post and share your feedback!

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