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Dale Carnegie Training Timeline 1990-2000

by Caug124

November 23rd, 2010

1992 Dale Carnegie Training incorporated Customized Corporate Solutions into their curriculum.

1995  Sales Advantage Course was introduced to replace the Dale Carnegie Sales Course.

1997 Dale Carnegie Coach was developed for Microsoft Office 97 and is being constantly updated with the software. A&E  airs its Biography program entitled “Dale Carnegie: A Man of Influence.”

1998 The death of Dorothy Carnegie, Chairman of the Board led to the appointment of her daughter Donna Dale Carnegie.

Jack Rifkin, the Vice President of Citigroup , was appointed to the Board of Directors.

David Fagiano, joins Dale Carnegie Training as Chief Operating Officer. David Fagiano was the former CEO of the American Management Association 

 2000 Peter V. Handal assumed the role of President and CEO.

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  1. Thuan phan /

    How about Dale Carnegie Training Timeline 2000 – 2015?