HR Issues

Why Employees Bail

by Caug124

July 22nd, 2010

There are a number of reasons why employees decide to up and bail out on the company. Most of them are not personal, but they are a sign of a poor workplace. Here are a few of the most common mistakes that happen in a workplace that cause the employees to bail.

Too much work, not enough money
You’ve probably heard it before “I don’t get paid enough for this.” It means that not only has that person become disenchanted with their job but they feel like they are working too hard. This may be on them, but if everyone is feeling this way it might be the company policy. This can happen if you are you asking any employee to do the work of two normal employees or if you cut back on clerical help and still expect everyone to get the same amount of work done.

Putting a Freeze on Promotions and Bonuses
People want to feel like they will be able to move up in the company. It they can’t move up they at least want to feel like they are earning what they are worth. If your employees can find work for several dollars more per hour over what you are paying them, then forget about being able to keep them around. Even in this economy people will leave for better jobs as they open up.

Lack of Respect
If an employee feels like they are not treated with the respect they deserve they are likely to leave. Everyone wants respect and in the workplace everyone should get at least a basic amount of it. Most often the employees who feel like they are being disrespected are those who also feel like they are being micromanaged. This type of behavior makes people feel like they aren’t trusted to do things in the company which often leads to feeling like they also are not respected. Effective leadership makes everyone feel like they are respected as a professional.

No matter how well it is hidden everyone knows about it. Even when it isn’t really favoritism and that person is working harder than anyone else could guess, perceived favoritism can make people quit if it happens constantly. Everyone who encounters this happening will get frustrated with it so just stay away from it in general. This shouldn’t even have to be something that people have to be told, but unfortunately there are a lot of managers out there who think that no one will notice if they give someone a little bit of special treatment.

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