Best Management Skills

by Caug124

October 1st, 2010

Anyone what has worked in business has had experiences, and probably lots of stories, with both good and bad management styles. It is true that people respond differently to different styles and it is impossible to please everyone with one particular management style; however, just as there are certain traits that drive most people away, there are certain skills that most people can appreciate, respect, and even admire.

Leadership is one of the most important management skills. It is a trait that, when well used, positively effects all aspects of the business. A manager with good leadership skills will do what is best for the team as well as the company. They will encourage all members of the team to express ideas and contribute to the group — everyone is included and everyone feels involved. They listen to the input of others and know when to step in and take charge and when to hold back. They can motivate the team to get the job done correctly and on time without running over anyone in the process. A true sign of a good leader is that they are willing to accept constructive criticism but are always willing to make necessary changes or improvements.

Being a good manager requires combining traits like patience, confidence, perseverance and wisdom with skills like leadership, communication, and public speaking. When all of these traits and skills are put together, the result is a manager that can not only get the job done but also builds morale and brings the team along with them.

Like most skills that are worth having, the best management skills require time and practice to develop and maintain. A good set of management courses is a great way to start developing skills like leadership, communication, team building, and public speaking. With the basics of these skills mastered and time spent putting them into practice and shaping them into unique, personal traits, anyone can be a manager that is respected and admired by both peers and superiors.

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