Best Practices For Effective Leadership

by Caug124

November 2nd, 2010

Being a leader is an important job; although it is not always easy. Leaders have to make the tough decisions that not everyone will like. They are responsible for the group. It is not enough to simply to take charge of the situation or hold the title of leader. There are several qualities that make a leader respected and effective.

Effective leadership first comes from the way that the leader treats his or her co-workers. Do they treat them and their ideas with respect or do they simple brush them off and only use their own ideas? Do they treat everyone equally and make everyone feel like they are a part of the group? When people are given respect they are more willing to give respect back. As a result the leader will have a more willing and loyal following.

As stated previously, an effective leader listens to everyone’s ideas and implements them. Everyone wants to feel like they are part of the group and that they are involved and valued. It is the leaders responsibility to foster that type of environment.

An effective leader will do what is best for the group. Sometimes that involves making tough decisions or putting them self on the line, but a leader is willing to take those risks if it will benefit the whole.

Working with many different personalities can be challenging, especially when there is a project that needs to get done. An effective leader needs to not only know how to work with each of these different personalities but also encourage them and motivate them to get the job done.

There are other skills such as communication that can further enhance the effectiveness of a leader, but it all comes down to respect. If the leader treats those under them with respect, respect will be given back to them. They will be willing to listen and follow the lead of the leader.

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