Community Based Leadership Training Best Practices

by Caug124

August 2nd, 2010

In the past, many companies, especially larger ones, were somewhat oblivious to the communities in which they ran their businesses. They seemed to forget that the community is what pays their bills and keeps their businesses running. However, recent years have seen that trend change. Large chains like Target and Wal-Mart are giving back and getting more involved in their communities. For any business, it is important to take the community into consideration when providing training for their employees.

Leadership training is an important part of any business training. There are several components that make up traditional leadership training. Developing and improving on the skills that are necessary for bringing a team together and completing a goal in a high quality, timely matter is important for employees in any business; however, when considering community based leadership training, there are several more areas to include.

Population. The size of the community is going to play a large part in the level of involvement as well as approach to leadership. In a small community there is more face-to-face interaction with the community. There are fewer businesses, and customers, to choose from. However, there are countless ways to get involved and become a leader. In a larger community, such as New York City, there are thousands of customers and businesses so it is harder to get involved, especially for smaller business, and most people probably won’t take much notice of a business setting up a community service project.

Demographics. Understanding the demographics of a community is essential. If the median income of a community is $60k per year, they probably wouldn’t get very involved in an high-end fashion show, even if the proceeds did go back to the community. Understanding the different cultures that make up the community is also important. Being offensive to a particular people group is a sure fire way to not only damage business but also the businesses standing in the community.

Although many employees will come from the community, it is important that they understand how important the community is to the business. When business leaders and community leaders work together then everyone is successful.

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