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How has How to Win Friends & Influence People Shaped Your Career?

by Caug124

November 4th, 2010

K. Ganesh: Reading to be Happy

Two books that shaped Tutorvista.com ‘s K.Ganesh’s career
by Forbes India | Nov 4, 2010

Two books shaped me during my college years and career. They give me encouragement and solace in tough times; I swear by these two authors.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, by Dale Carnegie, is a book I live by. It teaches you about public speaking, how to influence men in business, and how to win friends. It talks of how whatever you do, you should do it well and you will get big. When I first read it, I lacked self-confidence; I used to get low marks. It taught me that when you are worried, you need to think: ‘What is the worst thing that will happen?’ That really helps me even today. If you lose a business or an order, is it the worst thing? This is what I have preached to my children. It talks of how happiness depends on your attitude. This shaped my confidence and the way I think.

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