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Improving Your Interpersonal Skills

by Caug124

February 14th, 2012

It takes time and practice to improve your interpersonal skills. Many of the skills may take time for you to adopt; however, there are also some quick techniques that you can use to start to make things easier almost immediately.

1. Stay professional.

Be at your best in every situation. Remember that the way you act reflects on your character. Learn to deal with situations in an appropriate way.

2. Establish credibility.

Be sincere. If you are truthful and upfront with people, it will go a long way to gaining another person’s respect and trust.

3. Understand others’ point of view.

Remember to reflect on what others tell you. Even if you disagree, take the time to learn and understand another person’s perspective.

4. Learn about others.

Take time talk with employees or clients. Conversations do not need to be work related. Sometimes simple conversations can help you learn about the person and build rapport.

5. Be confident.

Keep eye contact and a relaxed body posture. Be sure to speak clearly and at a moderate pace.

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