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Organization to Reduce Stress

by Caug124

April 19th, 2012

The second best way to reduce work stress is to stay organized in managing your workload. Which of these productive work habits do you utilize in organizing your work?

1. Simplify Your Approach

What could you start doing, stop doing, or do differently to simplify your work approach? You may be inadvertently making your work more complicated than it needs to be.

2. Drop Unnecessary Activities

Make a list of each activity in your workday and week, from driving the car to sitting in meetings. Which activities are not necessary? Can you drop any of them? Try dropping those activities for a week or a month, and track any changes in your results at work. You may be surprised by how much more efficient you can be.

3. Write Things Down

Do you have one notebook or planner where you write down ideas as they strike you, commitments as you make them, or other important notes? You will feel less stressed when you know that you have captured important information and can reference it when you need it later.

4. Create and Follow Agendas

One common area of workplace disorganization is in conducting one-on-one or group meetings. Agendas, especially when sent ahead of time, make meetings more organized and productive and help make participants more comfortable and confident about the meeting.

5. Finish One Task Before Starting Another

A major source of disorganization at work comes from excessive multi-tasking. If you stay focused on a particular task and see it through to its completion, you will get it done quicker and you will stay far more organized than if you attempt to multitask your way through a bunch of chores.

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