Set Achievable and Measurable Goals for you and your Team

by robertr

July 3rd, 2007

Leaders must be determined to focus on their goal and to coach their employees to do the same. Here are some tips on coaching employees to persevere in the attainment of their goals:

Prioritize your goals. The first step is to brainstorm in order to generate a list of all you hope to accomplish. This can be done as a group with your team and those people that give you the projects. After generating this list, place all the ideas into categories – urgent, important, and unnecessary. Now you can develop a numbered list of specific goals for all that needs to get done.

Establish a production schedule with intermediate goals. Now that you have a list of what need to be done, make an actual schedule so you can put dates to all the ideas. Urgent goals need to be dealt with soon, so setting time frames for these tasks is important. In addition, by setting intermediate steps to your larger goals, you can be certain that the process is progressing smoothly and/or how production might need to be altered to meet deadlines. These intermediate goals also enable you to evaluate your team’s performance and determine which tactics are effective in completing your goals.

Communicate the goal system and objectives to your team. Be certain that each member of your team understands the importance of the goals and the timelines for achieving them. Obtain input from the team members about how to best meet these goals. Finally, assign your team members to work on specific aspects of the larger goals, letting them know what they are personally responsible for producing.

Reward success. Setting goals is one of the easier parts of your job. You now must keep your team and yourself motivated to achieve them in spite of constant change in the workplace. I find the strongest motivator is to give a reward each time a goal is met. It can be as small as a box of doughnuts or even a congratulatory memo. Just make sure that everyone knows you value his or her effort and time.

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