Sharing the Glory

by robertr

October 21st, 2008

Dear Carnegie Coach:

I recently was promoted to a management role within my department. Looking at the current state of the department I realized that I need to find new ways to engage my employees. As an employee I found it encouraging when I was recognized by my manager for the job that I had done. I am hoping that I will be able to do the same things with my employees in order to boost morale. Do you have any tips that will allow me to give my employees the proper recognition?


Dear Tom,

Sharing the glory is not just a nice thing to do for people. Sharing the glory is a powerful motivator that reinforces and rewards the most important outcomes that people create for our organization. When we recognize people effectively, we reinforce the actions and behaviors that we most want to see repeated. Sharing the glory is simple, immediate, and powerful reinforcement. Here are some simple ways that you can recognize the people on your team for a job well done.

    Look for the best in others– It takes an exceptional person to routinely see the strengths in others, instead of their weaknesses. When we try honestly to see the best in others, we begin to see people from a completely different point of view, and learn to value others more.

    Write it down– Telling someone about a strength that you see in them is a very positive gesture. Even better, why not put it in writing? Not only can the person read it over again, they can show the written compliment to others.

    Pass it along– If you hear someone else giving their approval or praise you can pass that along to your employee. Passing along a compliment is easy. Simply say, “I heard someone say something good about you. Here’s what they said…”

    See them in the act– Be there to witness and applaud achievements as they happen. “Sharing the Glory” means sharing the experience, not just throwing in “Way to go!” from a distance. When we personally observe the individual as they grow and achieve, they know that out recognition is sincere and genuine.

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  1. Donna @ Mybusinessforsale /

    Hallo Everybody!

    I happened on this post and could not resist passing comment on the sharing of the glory observation. The glory is free, and if a person had played even a minor role in something successful it is only fitting to heap praise and glory on this person too.

    There is nothing that can serve to uplift and boost an employee (or even business partner) more than timely praise and acknowledgement of their worth. It does a person’s self esteem the world of good and a confident, positive and motivated person is going to deliver their best for the company.

    Leading from the front, and involving people directly also is a huge upliftment. I really agree with this bit. Blood and sweat spilled together means much more than applauding your team from the grandstand.

    Hands on works best for me.

    See you later!