Top Companies Leadership Development

by Caug124

May 21st, 2010

It is a new era for business, and although it might not be readily apparent to everyone in terms of direct effects, the signs that things have shifted are growing much stronger. Companies this year are beginning to come out of the foxhole mentality that drove the discourse last year, and the ones who are pulling ahead of the pack are the ones who see signs of life again. It’s not a secret that positive thinking has an enormous effect on the future of a company, but it also improves the efficiency and output of the work on every level. The leading companies are working harder this year toward developing leadership skills among all the members of the team, and that’s a positive sign for everyone.

In terms of team building, it’s a wise idea to support the work that groups do when they’re working together, to encourage common vision and the pursuit of common goals. Yet nothing helps the life and morale of a team as much as individual attention. If every individual realizes that they are being groomed for something greater, then the results become increasingly more positive. They also become more concrete as well, illustrating that old idea that thought can precede material result, and that brings it back to positive thinking again.

Last year, companies were, by and large, focused on execution. It’s part of an age-old Do It Now philosophy that’s pretty effective in terms of building and maintaining momentum. In times of economic downturn, it’s a good way to keep things moving forward. This year, companies all over the world, including some of the top players in the game, are focusing on strategy. One of the most remarkable things a company can do, then, is to consider what their team members and employees are capable of, and implementing ways of putting these capabilities to the test. Great leadership is also a model for the future great leaders, and it takes effort in team building to bring out the best in the individual.

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  1. Andrew Sisley /

    It is good to hear that leading companies are working toward developing leadership skills among “all” the members of their teams.

    Leadership isn’t just a top down issue. It’s not just the one in charge that needs leadership skills.

    Leadership is about influence, and regardless of level or position, we all have an influence.

    So if the leading companies are developing the leadership skills of all team member’s, at every level … that is a good thing.

    We are not all blessed with natural leadership skills, so to focus on leadership skills development is a strong move for any company.

  2. Guy Farmer /

    I like to think in terms of proactive vs. reactive leadership. Proactive leaders will take the time to build the systems and processes that will help them long term as well as short term. Our tendency is to focus on short term fixes only help us improve for a limited period of time.

    Inspirational leaders pay attention to things like employee satisfaction and morale and create an environment where employees are encouraged to shine and leaders act as a resource if needed.

    I’m glad to hear that companies are thinking of doing things immediately because the sooner they start the sooner they’ll generate better results.