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What Are the Similarities Between Employee Training and Employee Development

by Caug124

March 18th, 2010

Employees are the support and backbone of any successful company. While those in leadership make all of the big decisions, the employees are the ones that get the labor required to get the work done. Without good employees, a company could not function properly. Unfortunately many employees forget the hard work that they did once they move into corporate or management positions. This is why employee training and employee development is essential to a successful company. When the employees become more successful, the company becomes successful.

When a new employee is hired, they are often required to attend an employee training seminar. There is often a lot of information that needs to be passed on when a new employee starts. At this seminar they learn the details of what makes the company work. They also learn what they need to do for their jobs, proper procedures and what is expected of them. Unfortunately, many companies simply leave the training at that. They don’t continue the process of employee development, which is not that different from employee training. When a company continues employee development, they continue the learning process. Employees are updated on new procedures and expectations. They continue to build on the employee’s job and leadership skills. It is also a good time to pass on any new information or procedures.

Employee training and employee development are both ways to stay in good communication in that those in leadership can pass on information as well as help employees keep their skills sharp and up to date. Without communication there is confusion and misunderstanding that, left unchecked, will eventually drag a company down. When employees understand their tasks and what is expected of them and their skills are at their peak, they will be successful and productive, and eventually so will the company.

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  1. Alisa /

    I completely agree that lack of employee development will eventually bring a company down. That will happen either because employees don’t improve at a fast enough rate (or won’t learn and adapt as quickly) as changing times require or there will be increasing attrition (because employees will see the lack of development as symbolic of a “dead end” job). A company always has to look 2 steps ahead and therefore provide their workers with both horizontal and vertical development. [I talk briefly about it here:

  2. Akshat B /

    Excellent Writing Skills, your article is fabulous and demonstrates an excellent knowledge of Employee training program & development.