What is the Process of Organizational Development?

by Caug124

September 8th, 2010

One of the ongoing problems for many companies and one that expands across all fields and business orientations is a general lack of organization. And this problem can remain hidden until the business experiences a large growth burst. And almost always, this is the period in which major organizational issues come to the forefront and all of the potential damaging effects caused by them explode into breakdown problems. And this is not the fault of a lack of responsibility in the owner or any basic ignorance on their part. In many cases it reflects the changes that also manifest during major growth phases.

The organizational needs of many companies change with their increased size and growth, and this is especially true if a company changes its basic nature or becomes franchised. And this is when most businesses seek outside resources and consultation firms for organizational assistance. Though with a little bit of foresight and planning, this process can be made much simpler.

While the overall organizational development of a major company or business may sound like an extremely complicated process, it is actually easier to achieve than one might immediately guess. It starts with a general chart of positional purpose and delegation hierarchy and flows down through the various company levels. An organized business will ensure that all company members will understand their place and positional responsibilities. It is also important for each staff person to understand to whom they are directly accountable. And the grievance or complaint chain of command must also be understood.

Communications systems in companies are another extremely important organizational development consideration. Applying some of the basic organizational structures to business can greatly enhance staff productivity, output and an overall sense of positive atmosphere in the workplace. Most staff members will respond well to a clear understanding of their responsibilities and chain of accountability.

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  1. Ryan Jenkins /

    Great insight! I especially agree with the communication part. Communication is so key!

    An organization can be doing everything right but if they cannot effectively communicate with their customers and employees – they have nothing!

    I also think it is so easy to overlook the simple trait of powerful communication so thank you for the reminder!