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Are Workplace Issues Universal?

by robertr

November 26th, 2007

Are workplace issues universal? Do organizations in the U.S. face the same issues, as India, China, or Italy? Here in the U.S., my experience shows, one of the major issues is the ‘talent war’. This is the struggle of recruiting, training, and retaining talented people.

On a recent trip to Italy, I was surprised to see how challenging this issue is globally. I had the opportunity to meet with one of the Big Four Accounting firms. They shared with me that this is their number one concern, as well. Competition, however, is forcing people to work harder and longer. Technology, such as Blackberries and Treos also aid in keeping people connected.

It was amazing to me how you used to be able to walk the streets of Milan on a Sunday and see not one store open for business. Now, however, there are many stores open on Sunday. It is the new ‘connected 24/7’ craze taking over the world.

With that said, there a numerous different factors that can contribute the success or failure of a new employee. However, here are a few things that can help you find the best applicant for the job:

  • Provide accurate description. To attract people that are the best fit for the job you must first, let them know what the position requires and the expectations. When posting an ad make sure you state all that is necessary from an applicant. By including specific requirements you can reduce the amount of unqualified candidates that apply.
  • Check resume. Try to review resumes all at once that way you can consciously give each equal consideration. Check for error and organization. Make sure that you have the necessary job requirements in front of you as you compare them to the resumes.
  • Interview. Chose an interview technique that will tell you more about the applicant. Consider one-on-one interviews as well as group or non-traditional interviews that may include spending some time on the job. Ask questions clearly and relevant to the job. Write down the candidate’s answers next to the questions for your records and always make sure you allow time for candidates to ask questions.
  • Analyze. Compare your notes of all the candidates and see which ones stand out. Before making a final decision check references.
  • Follow through. Let the applicants know when they’ll hear from you.

Once you have hired a new employee, it is important to gauge how they are performing. Regular assessments could provide critical information to understand why people think and behave as they do. Assessments take and inventory of individuals’ strengths, and indicate the areas where a person has the potential for significant improvement.

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