From the Desk of Peter Handal, CEO

Creative Companies are Made, not Born

by robertr

January 4th, 2008

January 2, 2008 By Carrie Mason-Draffen, Newsday Blog

Creativity is something that companies love to talk about, but few do anything to foster it on a systematic basis. “The monotony of day-to-day systems can sometimes stagnate the creative juices in employees,” says Peter Handal, the president and CEO of Dale Carnegie Training in Haupauge.

To build a creative environment, he suggests that companies:

-Hold brainstorming sessions. “Set up a brainstorming session and be the first to throw out a radical idea that contradicts current practices,” Handal says. “Emphasize that ideas such as this are not necessarily going to be carried out, but are to be used as stimulus.”

-Create a trusting environment. “The key to unleashing creativity is to provide a space where employees feel comfortable brainstorming and conveying ideas that may be more adventurous than usual,” Handal says.

-Provide training and vocational opportunities. “Organize workshops for your employees to improve leadership skills and interoffice communications,” he says. “Courses such as these promote the idea of speaking to one another and playing off co-worker’s concepts.”

-Be open and accessible. “Employees may not approach you with ideas and opportunities as they think they do not have the right to interrupt your day,” he says. “Make it known that the door is always open to all ideas.”

-Ask for feedback. “The simple act of soliciting requests from your employees is an effortless task that will confirm your loyalty to and investment in your staff’s happiness,” he says.

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