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Dale Carnegie Training Appears on Career TV

by robertr

March 9th, 2009

Dale Carnegie Training recently appear in a segment on  In the segment Dale Carnegie President, and CEO, Peter Handal discusses the significance of Dale Carnegie Training during the current economic crisis.

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  1. Mª Jose Cid /

    Dear Peter Handal,

    My name is Mª Jose Cid, I have received Dale Carnegie training in Core Competency and Effective Communication and Human Relations in Barcelona, Spain. I was very sorry I could not attend the diploma gathering. However, I was happy to see you in this video clip.

    I was impressed by how comfortable you look in front of the camera. And what struck me most was how you contextualized two Dale Carnegie’s principles. When they were put in the context of maintaining a job and going trough the interview process, they gained in strength and momentum.

    Does Dale Carnegie Training encourage contextualization when delivering corporate training? E.g. the company’s sector.

    Hoping to see more of your video appearances, I thank you in advance for your comments.


    Mª Jose Cid

  2. jhonyparker /

    Hi peter,

    Happy to see u here. I was been to your video provided, really impressed with your work. It is really worth watching and educative. Thanks for providing that.