Presentation Skills

How to Make Effective PowerPoint Presentations

by Caug124

June 29th, 2010

When it came out PowerPoint was a revolution. It allowed anyone, even those with limited artistic skills, to make an attention-grabbing presentation. Now that it has been out for a long time and has become a staple of the office life, a boring PowerPoint presentation could be a career killer. Once again those who have the skills take off far ahead of the rest and those who can’t make an efficient presentation will fall behind. Many people will argue that you shouldn’t even use PowerPoint if you can help it. This is mostly just a reaction against the hundreds of bad presentations out there. If you do it right it is ok to use PowerPoint to help get your message across. If you don’t have great presentation skills, good PowerPoint skills can make up for it.

Here are a few simple tips:

Make sure the design matches the purpose of the message.

If it is meant to be light-hearted make the background bright and sunny with some silly pictures around your text. If it is meant to be a business presentation keep the multimedia limited and use text and video to make points that you could not otherwise make. Do not use your PowerPoint as a word for word reflection of what you are saying. People want it to be extra information or something that you have to explain.

Keep it Simple

Do not add too much text or pictures to a page. Make it easy to read and simple to understand. Do not try to make complicated points on the presentation. Use it for lists and things that are easy to browse over while you are talking.

Eliminate unnecessary special effects.

Often times people think that a special effect will help the presentation and will emphasize a point. The majority of people won’t hear the sound effects and for the most part it is more likely that the cool transition that you found actually makes the presentation look cheesy.

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