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Presentation Tips Part 2: Closing a Presentation

by robertr

November 15th, 2012

The opening of a presentation should create a positive first impression.  The closing should provide a lasting final impact. 

Key Points

  • Leave a positive lasting impression
  • Persuade with logic
  • Inspire with emotion
  • Be brief
  • Build to a crescendo so your last words have impact


  • Tie back to your opening or to the theme of your message
  • Speak on a personal level
  • Dramatize ideas
  • Use a visual that has great impact

Presentation Tips: Show off your presentation skills and finish your next speaking engagement utilizing one of the 4 presentation tips.

Presentation Tip #1 – To Convince or Impress

Option:  Repeat the major benefit

Example:  “So, make these two simple changes and your business can be thriving in two years from now, ten years, twenty years. First…”

Option:  Use a quotation

Example:  “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never…in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”—Winston Churchill

Presentation Tip #2 – To Inform

Option:  Repeat your key point(s)

Example:  “Finally, remember the three most important words in real estate:  location, location, location.”

Option:  Recap the steps of a process or plan

Example:  “Let’s remember to follow these simple steps to assure consistency and save time for everyone.  Step one is….”

Presentation Tip #3 – To Persuade

Option:  Action and benefit

Example:  “Contact a customer today and ask why they like doing business with us and you will create champions who will help increase your sales.”

Option:  Final recommendation

Example:  “In conclusion, we recommend the third option discussed, which will have the greatest impact on our customers.”

Presentation Tip #4 – Purpose:  To Inspire

Option:  Appeal to nobler motives

Example:  “Let’s create a greener planet for our children and grandchildren.”

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  1. Robert /

    Know, understand and present with confidence.. people accept ideas and thought based on true logic and those that “make sense..” every presentation is NOT a sale but a chance to build recognition that you do indeed know what you are talking about.. that is very important for someone looking to gain from your speaking..

    • Allen /

      I agree Robert. Many years ago, my wife and I went to a conference for whom the keynote was a very, very influential person. He spent almost half of his presentation talking about his products (books, tapes etc.) that would be available during the break. Since then, every time I hear him or have the opportunity to see and hear him, I am turned off. I realize now that it has really hurt only me, but if he had used your suggestions, it would have been so much different.