Presentation Skills

Presenting a 15 Minute Presentation on Management Skills

by robertr

January 4th, 2010

15 minutes may seem like very little time to organize an effective presentation of any kind, especially about management skills.  Yet it can be done with good organization.  Being extremely apparent about what you want to talk about helps to make a presentation to flow better and helps to make you look better.  It is an efficient kind of ethos.  For instance, listing a couple, but certainly no more than 3 things you would want to delineate in your presentation aids in narrowing down the elements you want to cover.  Doing this kind of organizational tactic also has the added benefit of making you less worried about what you will be talking about and also making your audience less confused: confidence is a huge part of a engaging presentation.

However, you do not need to inform your audience of what you will be demonstrating with your presentation.  In fact, when making a list of goals of what you want to accomplish, you should deliberate about the audience initially.  Often this will provide you with a completely different perspective that helps you to regard their needs over yours.  After all, a presentation is about the audience.  Though a straightforward thing to remember, businessmen and businesswomen organizing and making a presentation often accidentally discard it among the numerous things to include in their thought processes.  It is a simple part of good presentation skills.

Another facet of your presentation you ought to consider is if you go through all the thing you want to cover: will you have accomplished the goal/s you set for yourself in the beginning stages of your presentation while also successfully and simultaneously communicating clearly to your audience: will the audience understand you?  Further, you should also think about the atmosphere of a presentation.  It may sound a little strange to consider it this way—more akin to making a mood for a dinner party.  However, you should if you want to have a helpful and logical presentation.  It may be to create a strong bond between employees, or more informational—a presentation about presenting—but again, it is another way of making your presentation more lucid for your audience.  Insure that your presentation is totally clear by allowing a short allotment for any questions the audience has.  Though difficult to do with a 15 minute presentation, it can be done.  And the more cogent your presentation is, the more effective it is.

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  1. Shalini Aggarwal /

    Handling audience is a must and it comes with experience. Proper grip over the conent matter is also important. Your quick tips are also beneficial

    • Ashish Mohanty /

      More than that the most important is how do you communicate as many a times your way of communication makes the audience svcare to ask you questions.

      But always depends about how do you carry your presentation as the Audience will always ask you question on what you say. So never be over excited and always within you while presenting the topic.