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Maintain Enthusiasm

by robertr

July 3rd, 2007

In sales, you are going to have both ups and downs. But when it seems as if you aren't making nearly enough sales, do not get frustrated and lose your drive. Instead, analyze the reasons why this might be so, and let each analysis bring to light a new reason why your attempt did not work. Then figure out how to implement any changes to improve your procedure.

  • Act enthusiastic and you will feel enthusiastic
  • Call a satisfied client when you feel you need a lift
  • Spend more time with enthusiastic people, and less time with complainers
  • Set achievable short range goals, and celebrate after you've reached them

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  1. Donna @ Mybusinessforsale /

    Acting enthusiastically just is so important, especially if you’re down! Complaining about business being bad, and looking miserable and depressed is not going to win you any customers.

    People are attracted to happy, vibey and optimistic people, and the sad salesman is doomed to fail. The value of a sense of humor in business can not be underestimated, as at some stage of the fight you’re going to have to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of it all!

    Cultivate happiness, it is key to success.

    All the very best!