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Master Effective Selling Techniques

by robertr

August 25th, 2014

Customers today have high expectations when it comes to consumer services. With these high expectations organizations devote tremendous resources to master effective sales techniques. The Sales team has the responsibility to develop selling techniques that guide the customer to additional purchases of services or merchandise. An effective sales technique is to be able to anticipate customer needs, honestly see their point of view, and recognize specific solutions that can be offered.

Sales Model

  1. Planning.  Create a rapport that includes pleasantries, agenda and a credibility statement.  Recognize the buyers’ primary interest and the customer’s needs. Recognize the dominant buying motive. The ability to focus and listen intently is an effective sales technique for getting the information needed about their attitude degree of urgency, and other elements of their point of view.
  2. Partnership: The seller must connect the buyer’s intention, selling techniques and themselves. Understand the buyer’s preoccupations, interest, and barriers. Once the seller has a better understanding of the buyers’ intent, provide the buyer with a solution. A solution should include facts, benefits, applications, and evidence to support the purchase. Ask for a decision.
  3. Follow Through:  Follow-through activities are an opportunity to shape the customer’s positive perception of the seller and the organization. At the same time it lays groundwork for future business. It creates customer’s loyalty, sets apart from the competition, and it reassures the buyer that they made the right decision. There is an opportunity to remind the buyer of additional products and express our gratitude. A bit of gratitude goes a long way when it’s genuine and sincere.

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