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Three Sales Coaching Tips

by robertr

March 26th, 2014

One of the most rewarding aspects of sales team management is helping the sales team achieve their visions and goals. Managers need strong coaching and individual skills development abilities in order to become more effective coaches and increase the performance of the entire sales team. Sales coaching is a critical skill through which managers can help salespeople overcome obstacles and develop necessary behavior changes.

Nonperformance is typically due to one of four basic reasons:  employees don’t know what to do, they don’t know how to do it, they believe they can’t do it, and/or they don’t want to do it. The solution is to educate, train, coach, and motivate respectively.

Three Coaching Tips

  1. Adaptation. In a training environment, adaptation means the accommodation of the trainee’s needs. Managers need to create a method of sales coaching that varies its approach for different types of trainees and their unique needs. The sales team managers need to adjust their methods according to each individual’s relevant skills.
  2. Demonstration. The sales team management or manager should train by instruction, demonstration, and practice. An effective coach needs to focus on moving the sales team toward the organization’s goals with the fastest possible method. Remember to focus on one improvement at a time, choose your battles, and let the employee save face.
  3. Feedback. When managers learn to give effective feedback, they develop more trusting relationships with their team members. At the same time, they sharpen their leadership and communication skills. Sales team managers can provide feedback by beginning with praise and evidence; be specific, brief, and concise. Make sure the feedback is meant to help. Keep the environment relaxed, and keep emotions neutral.

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