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4 Employee Engagement Ideas for Monday Motivation

by robertr

April 25th, 2013

Monday morning is a pivotal moment for your team that happens every week. In order to have the best week possible, you’ll want to start it off on the right foot. Ideally, you and your employees come back rested and rejuvenated from the weekend and naturally ready to reach your goals. But there are some ways to maximize their engagement after the short break. Here are 4 employee engagement ideas for your employees that will provide extra Monday motivation, not only this week but every week:

Ask about their weekend

Career coach Susan Somanchi suggests asking questions like ‘How was Suzie’s soccer game?’ or   ‘Did you visit your mom at the nursing home this weekend?’  “Most employees feel grateful and have greater loyalty as well as a stronger work ethic towards an organization that sees them as human,” says Somanchi. Indeed, Dale Carnegie research has shown that the single most important factor in employee engagement is one’s relationship with his or her immediate supervisor. You don’t have to be their BFF, but you do have to show them that they’re not just a cog in the wheel.

Share your enthusiasm

Your employees will feed off of your passion for your job and the mission, so set the Monday motivational tone first thing at the morning meeting. Leadership coach Marian Thier suggests saying something such as, “When I rode up in the elevator I heard excitement in people’s voices. I guess they feel like I do — proud of the work we do.”

Ask what you can do for them

Dale Carnegie Trainers advocate helping people succeed by giving them the right tools and incentives, instead of criticizing struggling employees. On a similar note, leadership coach Michael Carroll advises asking “At the end of the week what do you hope to have accomplished, and how can I help?” That way, if someone is struggling you can give them everything necessary for their success now, instead of waiting to criticize their failure later.

Use their name

Whether it’s their first name or a nickname, Dale Carnegie Trainers teach that a person’s name is — to that person — the single sweetest sound they can hear. Pairing someone’s name with a smile and eye contact shows that you’re completely tuned in to your individual team members. As a result, they’ll be more tuned in to you, and invested in the work you’re asking them to do.

For additional employee engagement ideas, visit Dale Carnegie! Or sign up for one of our courses for extra Monday motivation tactics!

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    Buenas ideas!!! Simples, pero muestran como transmitir entusiasmo!