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Dale Carnegie Training Introduces an Employee Engagement Study

by robertr

March 28th, 2013

Studies that we have seen in the past focus on the impact that engaged employees have on the profits and productivity of companies.  The Employee Engagement Study conducted by Dale Carnegie Training in partnership with and MSW Research is different.

The aim of the study was not just to measure employee engagement, but to understand what drives employee engagement.  We identified three main organizational drivers of employee engagement.

  • An employee’s relationship with their immediate supervisor.
  • The amount of belief that an employee has in the organization’s senior leadership.
  • The pride that the employee feels working for their organization.

The results of this study also showed that employees who are Enthusiastic, Empowered, Inspired and Confident are highly likely to be engaged.

Key Survey Findings:

49% of employees who were satisfied with their direct manager were engaged

61% of employees who have confidence in the leadership abilities and think that senior leaders are moving the organization in the right direction are fully engaged.

Employee Egagement levels are twice as high among employees who say they are proud of contributions their organization has made to the community.

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