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Dale Carnegie’s Daily Dose of Confidence

by Caug124

March 29th, 2010

You need an antidote to the constant barrage of bad economic news.

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Dale Carnegie’s Daily Dose of Confidence

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  1. Shari Colpean /

    Thank you

  2. Lori Bickford /

    Thank you!

  3. Rosheen /

    Inspiration is all i thrive on!

  4. Lucia Thomas /

    Thank you

  5. Ron /


  6. Kamalika Datta /

    I am a Soft Skill and Communication Trainer. I need a daily dose of anecdotes to rejuvenate my skills.

  7. Arlene Glennan /

    my friend had sent me a daily dose of confidence email which I really found helpful

  8. Dorothy Rollins /

    Thank you!

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  10. Ron /

    Much appreciated

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