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How Much Business’ Spend on Effective Communication

by Caug124

March 17th, 2010

The goal of any business‚ whether they are big or small, privately or corporately owned‚ is to be successful. They want to be competitive in their markets and become well established. Many people are misled when they think that the key to that success comes solely from having a large budget and spending lots of money on advertising. While those things are important and they have their place in the businesses success, the real key is effective communication. That may seem simple but it is not. The unfortunate fact is that too many businesses underestimate the importance of good communication and it leads to their demise.

Effective communication comes in many different ways, some expensive and some not so much. On the most basic level good communication can come through a good e-mail system. Being able to share information quickly and easily is important to good communication and to business. On that same token, sending out frequent newsletters or memos helps keep everyone informed. If there are going to be big changes within the company the best way to share that information is all at once, that way there is no information left out and everyone receives the same information. If it is a smaller company this can be accomplished through a meeting. If it is a larger company they can incorporate it into a business training seminar.

The amount of money that is spent on ensuring that the communication lines remain open depends largely on the size of the company. A smaller company with fewer employees could spend a relatively small amount on communication since the information probably doesn’t have as far to travel. On the other hand, a larger company is going to have to spend more time and money making sure that everyone is on the same page and communicating openly. They will spend thousands of dollars or more each year holding meetings and sending information back and forth through various means. However, the dollar amount is not the important part, it is building and maintaining an effective communication system that will ensure the company is successful.

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