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Set Achievable and Measurable Goals for You and Your Team

by robertr

July 26th, 2007

Set Achievable and Measurable Goals for You and Your Team

Here are some tips on how leaders can coach employees to persevere in the attainment of their goals:

Prioritize your goals. Brainstorm with your team and place all the ideas into categories – urgent, important, and unnecessary. Develop a numbered list of specific goals.

Establish a production schedule with intermediate goals. Make an actual schedule so you can put dates to all the ideas. Intermediate steps allows you to watch the progress of the production and evaluate your team’s performance.

Communicate the goal system and objectives to your team. Obtain your team’s input about how to best meet these goals. Let each member know what they are personally responsible for producing.

Reward success. Keep your team and yourself motivated to achieve your goals by giving a small reward each time a goal is met. Let everyone know you value his or her effort and time.

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