4 Reasons you need an Employee Engagement Initiative for your Greatest Asset, your Employees!

by robertr

August 19th, 2014

Did you know that disengaged employees cost companies $68 billion every year due to critical factors like lowered productivity and high turnover? This dramatic Gallup statistic is confirmed by Hay Group research that found companies with employees who are highly engaged produce more than twice as much revenue as comparable companies with flailing engagement levels. In short: every single employee can make you money, or lose you money, and employee engagement is essentially the key to which way they will go. Here are four reasons to treat your employees like gold (because they literally are the golden ticket to your success):

Their engagement encourages others

Employees who believe in the mission of the company are loyal, and breed that feeling among others around them. It increases employee engagement initiative and they will work beyond their expected duties.   If your team members are disengaged, they’ll do the minimum that’s expected of them and go home, eventually leaving for greener pastures (aka a job with more money)—and everyone around them will follow that lead over time. People who aren’t engaged act like a poison and undermine what others are doing well, and ultimately, morale. People who are engaged have the opposite effect.

They are your soldiers on the ground

Whether you’re a small business owner with 40 employees or a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you have a mission, and your employees are the people you rely on to carry it out. If you communicate your goals clearly, and have your employees model their goals based on these (and then check in with them regularly on whether they have the tools they need to meet them) you’ll  be able to get more done in less time.

They have skills your company needs

You’re not just putting bodies into seats. Your employees are an asset that supply skills your company requires to function effectively (and yes, those skills come in those bodies). Until we figure out how to program with robots with softer skills like managing people, you can’t afford to lose this asset.

They act as organic marketing

If you have fully engaged employees, everywhere they go, from work events (like client meetings to conferences) to personal ones (like kids’ soccer games to golf games), they function as free advertising for your organization. For small businesses in particular, having employees who feel good about their jobs (and want to tell people about them) is invaluable.

Not sure how to maximize your employee assets and increase employee engagement initiative? Dale Carnegie Training programs can provide customized training to managers and employees so your entire team is happier, more effectively engaged, and more productive, starting today.

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