7 Principles of Business Training in a Company

by Caug124

March 12th, 2010

The key to any successful business is training. Without proper training people are left wondering what to do and how to do it. When everyone understands what is expected of them, they will be more productive and satisfied. Before beginning any training curriculum, it is important to understand the seven key principles essential to any business training.

The first four principles concern the mental aspect of training: building and training your mind to think quickly and creatively, and in a way that will benefit the company. Flexibility  is key to any successful business and is, therefore, a vital part of training. Be willing to improvise or adjust for any given situation, not only physically but mentally as well. Be open to the ideas and suggestions of others and realize that your way is not the only way. This ties in with the next principle which is understanding. Explain in detail the purpose behind the company, the job, and the training. The more your employees understand your purpose for them, the more willing they will be to accept the training. Training can also be a good time to recognize those who are natural leaders and help encourage those are not. When they see your commitment to them and the responsibility that you give them, they will be more loyal as well as more self-motivated; which will make your job a lot easier. The fourth principal is understanding the difference between a risk and a gamble. For your company and its employees to be successful everyone needs to understand when the benefits outweigh the risks and vice versa.

The final three principles are more specific to your company and are centered on the day to day tasks. The first is reality based training. What better way for a new employee to understand the way the company operates than by learning the actual procedures. This is especially important if your company has a specific way of doing things. Secondly, understand the goal. Make sure that each of your employees understands the point that they are working for. This is key if you want your employees to stay motivated. Finally, make sure that your employees have a firm understanding of your company’s core competencies. This ensures that everyone knows what they are doing, how to do it, and that there is consistency across the board.

By following each of these seven principles of business training, your company will be on the road to success over time.

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