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Creative and Engaging Ideas in a Time of Economic Uncertainty

by robertr

October 13th, 2009

Creative and innovative ideas has always been tantamount to business.  Any business.  And now, with the nation, and most of the world, suffering during economic recession, this more important that ever.  Only the truly creative and credible companies will survive these times, as consumers are more aware now than ever, of on just what they are spending their money.

Having a truly effective sales team at this moment in time is essential.  The market is crowded and it is competitive.  Consumers are looking for companies that are unique.  Holding a weekly meeting with the sales team of one’s company is a very wise idea.  In order for these meetings to be effective, the leader or the manager must have an organized plan in order to sustain the focus and the motivation of their team.

One of the best jump starts for a sales team, is a meeting that provokes this motivation and creativity.  So many meetings held in offices can be long, boring, and non-motivational.  The key is to have one’s employees eager to attend those meetings.  Productivity will increase drastically under this circumstance.  In order to ensure this outcome, the meetings must be relevant and participatory.  Sales teams do not want to waste their time.  Sales teams are always ready for receiving and for giving new ideas.

As far as the meetings themselves, the shorter the better.  Meetings can be an interruption in the day, especially those who work off of commission.  The team needs to know that they will walk away from the meeting with new tools or goals for that week.  The meeting will also serve the company and the team better, if it happens on the same day of the week, at the same time of the day.  In this way, all those involved can plan their own schedules around that set time.  The meetings should be informative, but collaborative as well.  In this way, ideas are formed and creative thought processes take off, allowing the company to not only stay in business during this economy, but securing afinancially viable future as well.

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  1. Anna /

    For a meeting to be constructive, it has to be well organised, with an agenda circulated beforehand and have a leader who keeps discussions relevant. Often a weekly face to face meeting is just not faesible, particularly if the the sales teams are based in different regions, so conference calls can be used instead – however the same rules apply.

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