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Dale Carnegie Training – Historical Time Line 1955-1990

by Caug124

November 2nd, 2010

1955   Dorothy Carnegie becomes president, hires a team of professional managers and creates specialized departments to handle instruction, distribution and purchasing, finance and advertising.

1956 European growth continues as the course is offered in the British Isles.

1957 The Dale Carnegie Course becomes available in Central America and Denmark. Comments magazine becomes the official publication for instructors of Dale Carnegie Leadership development courses.

1958 First instructor training conference is conducted in England. First Dale Carnegie is offered in Bermuda.

1960 Dale Carnegie Management School conducts its first instructor training. New advertising initiatives include television spots and national print ads.

1961 The Dale Carnegie Course is offered in Argentina.

1962 The Dale Carnegie Course is offered in Japan.

1963 First Sales and Promotion Manual is written.

1964 The Customer Relations Course is added to the curriculum. Sponsors form the Dale Carnegie Sponsors Association.

1967 The Dale Carnegie Supervision and Management Seminar – know today as Leadership Training for Managers – is introduced in response to marketplace needs.

1970 Course curriculum is expanded with the development of the Dale Carnegie Customer Service Course and the Dale Carnegie Personnel Development Course.

1971 14-week Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Communication and Human Relations for Law Enforcement Officers is introduced.

1975 The Continuing Education Council, today known as the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training, awards accreditation to the Dale Carnegie organization.

1976 New book for managers, Managing through People, is published. National advertising extends throughout North America and Canada. First student scholarship program is granted with Junior Achievement.

1977 Continuing Education Workshops are written to fulfill requests for short-term programs.

1978 Recognizing the leadership role that Dale Carnegie is filling in the adult continuing education market, the company acknowledges organizations for outstanding leadership excellence. Dale Carnegie Leadership Award is granted to Winn Dixie.

1981 Executive Presentation Workshop is developed.

1984 Dale Carnegie Training is recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education. Dale Carnegie Executive Image Program is implemented.

1985 Dale Carnegie Strategic Presentations Workshop (now High Impact Presentations) is developed. Course incorporates participant videotaping and multiple instructors.

1986 Careerist magazine is created to communicate with international sponsors. American Heritage magazine names How to Win Friends and Influence People one of 10 books that has shaped American character.

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  3. Simon Reed | PHP /

    I’m curious – what is the end result you seek from the DC course? Perhaps there is something else which might fill the bill at far less cost, but over a greater period of time than the “cram session” most DC courses present.

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