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Effective Customer Service

by robertr

October 21st, 2009

Effective customer service is more important now than ever before.  Consumers are choosing more carefully, and more wisely, the services and the goods on which they spend their money.  There are many mistakes that salespeople may make unknowingly, that will send a prospective customer or client out the door for good.  These are simple aspects of behavior that are very easy to avoid.

The meet and greet, the first impression, is extremely important.  This is just the beginning of the transaction or the business relationship, and it is essential to avoid a bad first impression, at all costs.  One way to accomplish this is to simply…not ignore the person who just walked through your door, or who is waiting on hold on your phone.  If it is necessary for them to wait for a few moments, just let them know.

Every business, every wisely run and successful business, will be busy from time to time, and hopefully more often than not.  If one is busy with a current customer, and other customers are waiting, establishing eye contact or the saying of just a few words to them in greeting, will let them know, that you know they are there.  That’s all it takes in those moments really.  During these busy times it is easy to become distracted either by tasks or other clients.  These messages conveyed through eye contact and verbal ‘hellos’ will ensure that the new customers know you have seen then and that you are aware of their needs.

Many corporations now require employees to repeat the same phrases.  One is repeatedly asked in coffee shops… whether you would like a pastry along with your latte, or in the checkout line at department stores, you they would like to open a credit card account.  These scripts when delivered in a rote manner are heard in that manner.  When delivering greetings and messages that are required by management, or those that are repeated day after day, it is important to keep them as fresh as possible.  Just a few alterations in customer service and the methods in which that is carried out, will make a difference in the success of any company that is operating in the world, and its economy, today.

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  1. froi /

    Customers definitely care about customer service. They provide feedback to the company on how good their service is. The more satisfied customers are then the more likely they are to continue to do business with the organization. The organization stands to gain more loyal customers.

  2. Anh /

    I have to agree on the delivery of repeated message. Saying it with a smile goes a long way. Thoughtlessly repeating just comes off as they don’t care; it’s something they have to do. Back in the days when I was in retail, I tried to spin add-on sales differently so that I get more bite and to keep me sane.

  3. Rip Walker /

    When a purchase is made at a Nordstrom department store will always ask a question as they ring you up. “Did you find everything that you needed?, Do you need a belt with the pants?, a tie with the shirt?” I know that it’s part of their process and it doesn’t feel scripted to me. Of course, what statement they make is based on what was purchased. They will always come out form behind the counter to hand you your purchase.And I’ve never seen them do this without a big smile and a thank you. A pretty good way to leave a last impression. No wonder they’re one of the top department stores in the world.

    Another good example would be a Jared’s jewelery store. They will always great you as you walk into their store. They vary their intro as well. They may ask if you’ve been in their store before and them ask if you would like a tour. They will offer coffee, water, and or cookies. Always a pleasant experience.

    It’s a shame that there are still many businesses that haven’t changed their processes to be more customer friendly. There are too many choices for customers to not worry about their satisfaction.

    Rip Walker

  4. Business Opportunities /

    effective customer services shows good business practices. If the customer service is excellent the customers are more likely to return and recommend your product or services to others. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth has on any business. A quick relevant response to your enquiry or concerns entails good customer service.

  5. Donna @ Mybusinessforsale /

    Attentive sales staff is a pleasure, and no customer should be strolling with a vacant look through the aisles (as I am wont to do in the hardware warehouse stores, LOL) without immediately being approached by a store employee that is presented as such, preferably with a name tag, offering assistance.

    Having floor staff that is familiar with the uses and applications of the products that they are selling is another factor which aids the upsell to the client. They will not always realise that other things are required in conjunction with their purchase.

    I’ve been primarily thinking about a hardware store while writing this, but the principles are fairly universal and can be applied to many examples.



  6. NameNameName /

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