How to Increase Corporate Business

by robertr

January 4th, 2010

Of course a corporate business wants to provide itself with further business opportunities, but the things a corporate business does to create those opportunities are things that anybody in any industry can do.  Exposure is the prime way to make those opportunities for further expansion.  However, going getting exposure for a company can provide copious challenges and consequences, especially with the Internet.  For instance, the early “dot coms” during the initial burgeoning of the Internet often were failed attempts.  Companies and people still tend to postulate that whatever their name and rep was, it is also enough to engender further business.  It does not.  Instead copious companies failed due to poor understanding of how visibility works in the early days of internet business.

Visibility, in a way, is similar to painting or to photography.  You cannot slough off a few dollars and expect to transform into the future Picasso or Annie Leibovitz.  Visibility is similar.  It is a concept that must be cultivated and maintained.  Visibility also changes constantly to match how customers and their perspectives change too.  Therefore, it is not a stagnate thing that you can buy, plug in, and watch unfold—like a download bar for the latest and greatest software.    Part of the way companies have produced visibility is through logos.  Visual identity is large part of how a corporation makes itself different and heard in the business world.  Think of the Target logo.  People can usually recognize the Target brand based simply off of its logo.  The Adidas three strips are also instantly recognizable too.  Though it might be costly to integrate these visual symbols of a company into the minds of its customers or possible customers, it is will worth the expenditure.  And name brands do matter.  People often prefer them to lesser known brands that have the same materials and processes attributed to them.

However, any branding done will mean very little without corporate training.  A company might have great visibility in a market, but if customer service or the other parts of a company falter or fail in any way, the money spent on visibility is a mere stunt, and a costly stunt too.  The foundation of a company is its employees and its product—be it shoes or waffles.  In order for a logo and visibility to work and therefore make more business, the staff and product must work too.  If people know the ins and outs of the product, it provides a company with the strength to direct the business towards achievement, and the way employees at all levels become familiar with the product is through training.

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  1. Cheryl McNeil /

    I so agree that corporate training is important. I believe elearning is a great cost effective way to train your customer service staff and allow your company as a whole to learn all aspects of how to deliver your products and services in the best possible manner.