21 Day Carnegie Challenge

by robertr

March 13th, 2013

Social media sites contain a lot of negativity – it’s unfortunate how many people use social media to criticize, condemn and complain.  Our personal social media sites represent our personal brand and are a large part of the impression we make on others.  Do you want to be seen as a complainer or a leader?

Take the 21 Day Carnegie Challenge to not post any criticism, complaints, condemnations, or negativity and instead post sincere praise, appreciation, and recognition to status updates that you like, respect and admire.  How many genuine compliments can you post to the social media sites of those in your network?  How many authentic “likes” can you offer?  How many positive comments can you share?  Keep track of ways in which your social network responds to your efforts by focusing on the good in others, and report on the change on the 21-Day Carnegie Challenge Blog!

Each month, Dale Carnegie Training will award a prize to the most inspiring blog entry.

Join conversations with others also taking the challenge, comment below to get started!

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  1. Jen /


  2. Jen /

    adjust t change

  3. Jay /

    I am taking the challenge…

  4. NameKathleen Lane /

    Starting from zero here. Aged out of most recent job. Trying to build a work/life plan at 61 years old. Mr. Carnegie’s words hold hope.

  5. Dido /

    Enter comment here

  6. Mike Cunningham /

    I hear you. Peace from Cancun

  7. Harjit Takkar /

    I appreciate the collection of tips. These are mot only very realistic and effective. While a lot people belive in aggression and this misunderstand it of task orientation. The effective leaders run teams for longer time and produce better results.

  8. Geno Bestenbier /

    I hear you, however, you would have to work tirelessly trying to get them engaged and it could end up costing more in effort that just paying them proper market-related salaries. Nothing disengages an employee more than knowing that they’re being under-paid.

  9. Amy Woodard /

    Enter comment here



  11. joe /

    For sales meeting

  12. Treion Muller /

    I am a South African American with a made-up French name looking to live a happy life by making other people happy

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  15. Steve Raeder /

    Enter comment here

  16. Steve /

    Good read