Dale Carnegie Training Featured in USATODAY.COM – Rejection’s part of work, life; don’t take it personally

by Caug124

June 21st, 2010
By Michael Crom, Gannett

Question: I have recently decided to take on a new career path and have taken a job in sales.I am new to the field, but I do have years of working experience. I am very excited to begin working in my new field, but I do have some concerns.  One major concern for me is how I will be able to handle rejection. I realize that this will play a major role in my new job. What’s your advice on handling rejection?

 Answer: It seems that you are a very enthusiastic to begin your new career. Begin each day with the same enthusiasm, and you will spend more time celebrating success than thinking about rejection.

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  1. Jason /

    count how many rejections you need to get a yes or a sale. You can do it.