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Sales Success

by Caug124

February 6th, 2012

Create explosive sales growth with the techniques you’ll learn from the dynamite combination of Jeffrey Gitomer and Dale Carnegie Training. Two of the greatest names in selling have combined to create Sales Success. This interactive sales program is delivered by certified Dale Carnegie Trainers.

This never-before-seen combination will give you the attitude, confidence and systems you need to become the award winner you know you can be. As Jeffrey says “People don’t like to be sold, but they love to BUY!” Let Jeffrey Gitomer and Dale Carnegie show you how to tap into the desire to buy in a way you never could before
“The Dale Carnegie principles and the Jeffrey Gitomer strategies of sales, combined into a program that will help you in your quest for success.” – Jeffrey Gitomer
Sales Success is offered in both an “8 week” and “3 day” format.  Check your local listing for format offerings.

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  1. Joan Price /

    I feel like corporate sales training is underrated. It’s really what taught me the tools I needed to start my career in sales and make it less daunting.