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What is Effective Leadership?

by robertr

September 18th, 2009

What is effective leadership?  That sounds like a question for a philosopher doesn’t it?  The truth is that anyone can be an effective leader by acquiring critical leadership traits. They just need to find the right balance between social, moral and business aspects of leadership.  An effective leader is generally someone that leads by example and other people just tend to follow because they believe what they do is the right thing. Think of anyone you have looked up to in the past, were they an honest individual that put others before themselves? That is a quality of effective leadership. Being honest gives a person credibility and result in other people trusting and believing in that person.

Effective leaders lead by example and merely invite others to come along with them. Keeping promises is another sign of effective leadership. They believe in others and never fail to reward or compliment someone when they see they are doing well. Effective leaders admit when they are wrong and admit when they make mistakes. Everyone is human and makes a mistake at one time or another. It’s how a person handles a mistake that gives them a certain leadership quality. An effective leader can admit when they are wrong and by doing so, allows people to feel comfortable asking them for help and advice.

Good listening skills are a big part of effective leadership. A person who is willing to listen to problems or concerns an employee or a friend may have will give them more information. Therefore, the effective leader can make a well-informed and thought out decision.  An effective leader gives positive reinforcement. Effective leadership is about asking or requesting a person to do something, not commanding them. Effect leaders make recommendations to follow.  Effective leaders are willing to get their hands dirty. They realize that they are more than just a figure head or a boss.

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  1. Ayman Madkour /

    An important aspect of leadership is vision. Being able to articulate the way forward and getting people excited about the future possibilities. A true leader is someone who does not only have followers, but also develops future leaders so that the future of an organization is secure in the hands of capable people and as well those who are developed as leaders fullfill their potential and ambition.

  2. Tim Xumsai /

    Great blog post. Personally, I feel one of the most important aspects (as mentioned above) is “leading by example” – a leader who preaches one thing but do the opposite tends to lose their staff’s respect very quickly, and with that, any kind of productivity/innovation within the workplace.

  3. Donna Branson /

    I have to concur with Tim. If you don’t practise what you preach as a leader, then you will hardly be leading by example, nor inspiring confidence in your troops.

    That, I feel is one of the greatest challenges of modern leadership, especially in a corporate environment.

    I look forward to more wisdom from your blog.



  4. Guy Farmer /

    Great points. I tend to think of effective leadership as the ability to get out of the way and let our employees shine. This frees leaders up to focus on improving their own skills and putting their energy toward more important things than breathing down people’s backs or giving orders.

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